Thursday, November 20, 2008

previously in my life

It's practically c-o-l-d today.No wonder the four students who died in bid to escape fire used the dangerous device to get warm.I felt so sorry to hear this news.I can see that at this moment it's quite cold up north.Now I should give a second thought to the trip to Beijing--nh,I'm just kidding.Even there's no one there holding my hand,the colder the merrier.^^When I got up this morning,I could hardly moved.Well,after forcing myself to wash and rinse,it didn't feel that cold.

After the long broing day in uni,I had dinner with David yesterday,unfortunately he wasn't content with it.It's understandable since he hasn't had that much Chinese fast food and people do unwise things when they're hungry^^.Later,David told me he was planning to purchase a quilt in Haiya.Well,secretly I got the feeling that it was kinda embarrassing for us to pick bedding together.I mean no wonder the saleswomen kept reminding us that it was single bed not for double bed,LOL.Anyways,I suppose the only place that I can afford in Haiya is KFC.I remembered that I took a fancy to a coat there,but it cost RMB 2000 which was absolutely outrageous.

I think,as local Chinese I'm supposed to give foreign friends like David some tips,so that he would go through less trouble which is unnecessary.Well,there's no trouble is necessary but I should be less hospitable,otherwise it would make me look like a do-you-want-to-go-to-the-gym person which in fact I'm not.>_<

My friend Wing which is another spoiled friend of mine brought a puppy to her dorm yesterday.She said she saw it,loved it,bought it and took it back--She reallly got nerve.But well,I didn't judge her because I'm a dog person.Other than that,I don't have to look after the puppy but just have fun with it,why not be glad and enjoy the whole thing?She lives in 524 and I live in 521,and it seems like I'll go to 521 more frequently than before.^^The puppy is a girl(can I say that?) .Maybe he looks a little reluctant in the following photo but she's as meek as a lamb.

Well,seriously she's got to figure out what next to do for the puppy because there's no way to keep her in the dorm for long.>_<