Tuesday, November 25, 2008

take a breath(reluctant 2nd edition)

Have missed a few days of posting and now I am finally in the mood and get the time to get down to it. Well,it seems that lately the GFW has done its duty about blogger again,but it shouldn't be a problem for me to stay at blogger.

I don't always follow booklists given by teachers but Ms.Wang said she shed tearswhen she read it(she's over FORTY) .It made me quite curious about this book whose name is 山楂树之恋(shan zha shu zhi lian)/Hawthorn tree forever. It's about a love story which is set against the backdrop of the final days of the Cultural Revolution. It is said it's the "purest love story in the world".I think by purest they mean reachless because you'll never find a guy so perfect in real life which makes this book less resonant.Of courseI didn't shed tears but I really appreciate how the protagonists treat their relationship. Unlike those fickle relationship which are portrayed to be in books,movies or even real life,the two people slow things down and make use of every single minute to love each other more.Sadly,they're not happy ever after because the guy dies of leukaemia(pretty much korean drama).

I inconsciently saw the date just now and it's Nov. 25th today.Sarina and her family should be back to Shenzhen in any minute and I really miss her and her adorable kids.I don't know whether I mentioned Sarina before.She's from German,a wife of a Chinese guy and a mother of two.She's white and she still cannot live without toast and coffee and she's even got a sort of device to put CO2 into pure water in order to make it drink like Coke.But the reason that I like her is that,most of the time,she has the same point of view as mine who is a typical Chinese.I guess it's because that she grew up in East Germany,I mean history really means a lot.

Lynch's grandfather has just passed away.Wing's dog Duoduo is badly .Luohan's father is lately unemployed.Shuwen's family seem to deal with a hot potato.Lui's brother who is just 18 years old got his girl friend who is only 15 pregnant......When my friends seemed to be haunted,I am,by all appearance,fine.However,I was haunted too and there was a difference between my ghost and theirs.I guess that's the beauty of life.Everybody lives a different life but as long as we're willing to listen other people's stories,it feels like you have experienced many kinds of lives which makes your own life no longer boring or pathetic.

Other than Sarina,all the foreigners that I've met are so foreigners.Speaking of which,I'm so gonna write down something about Lui who is the most different.Now Lui's officially my first not straight friend.I was overwhelmed when he told me the truth,because I outright negated that possibility.But looking back the previous moments,he didn't hide it at all.A friend said I should have asked at the time I doubted about it.But why? I didn't,don't and won't care whether he's straight or not.Our friendship won't get changed because of it.Actually,I was not the one who was shocked.He was also surprised because he thought I should have found out since the first time we met.

Later,I asked him a lot of question,really a lot.I was really impressed by his word "I'm just a normal guy who happen to love another guy".He told me he didn't want to get married.But I'm really looking forward that Lui gets his special someone and maybe a kid.The world has to be baffling,crazy and imperfectible.I mean some are too nice to be straight,some are too straight to be that nice.I suppose it may be the modern Darwinism.