Sunday, January 4, 2009

slicker than your average

Mr.Zhuo called.He said he would stop by my uni and drop some fruit to me.I was so surprised because we hadn't met since we came back from Beijing.It was very sweet of him and those oranges were sweet,too.

I sat two examinations today,ne is EST,the other is oral English.The first one was totally difficult althought you were allowed to open a book to read.One student even brought a laptop,a electronic dictionary and a O.E.D.But I knew he still had a hard time since you couldn't translate Chinese to English one word after anther,nor English to Chinese.But as for the EST course,I have to say that it's been long time since I sat with so many guys in the same classroom(It's like 90% guys,10% gals).It felt very different because they were very aggressive and noisy,talking back to the teachers and cutting in others' conversation.About the oral English exam,it was okay.Just went to met Mr.LeMay and talked to him about some cliche.

Later,I had dinner with Clumsy at Maojia restaurant.It was good but was kinda expensive.Never mind,let me make it up to him next time.He listed out his goals for the new year and I really appreciate that attitude--rather than "what I want for the new year",he tells himself "what I would fight for" and "I gotta knock them dead".Maybe I should make some goals too.
In no particular order:
(1)pick up some German,not seriouly but just for fun;
(2)go travel for at least once,say Tibet,Yunnan,Xi'an,Zhangjiajie;
(3)watch more movies,seeing different lives and making heart-pottery;
(4)go a blog for mom to let her know what's on her adorable daughter's mind;
(5)open heart to a romance,but I know the best rationships are the ones that just come naturally;
(6)get to a musical instrument,maybe harmonica or cucurbit flute.

I found an interesting website.You can change you pics into following effect.