Sunday, January 11, 2009

I swear I'll review when finish this post.>_<

1)As a gal,how do you feel when everytime you hang out with your male friend,he keeps complimenting almost every girl passing by?At first,you may be curious and try to check out that girl,and judge her with your male friend.When the same situation happens more often,you're speechless and are in no mood to go along with him,instead,you pretend to be supportive and say "go get her" or something like that.But later you find he chokes when goes for it.As he keeps doing that thing over and over again,you get quite annoyed and bored and no longer give a damn to his meaningless remark.It's nothing to do with jealous but I just don't understand what's the point in doing that?Is he a fantast?Is he too horny?Is he actually flirting with you?Does he want you to be his wing man?Does he actually want you to be jealous?Or does he think that's some kind of humor?I'm not a serious person,nor a prude but I don't find any fun of it.

2)What will you do if you're gloriously trusted by your good friend's parents,and they want you to persuade your good friend to break up with her beloved boyfriend who isn't appreciated by her parents?Of course I won't do that.It's huge.That's always the case--I don't have double personality,nor a goodie-goodie,however,while my friends think I'm somewhat eccentric,their parents regard me as the sanest kid,at least saner than their kids.But this time,I am disturbed by this issue and I suddenly realised that we are already at the age to defend our love life.I couldn't help but wondering,what would I do if my mom doesn't think well of my right guy,and is there actually a guy in this world who makes me think he's right eoungh for me to have that much faith in and to defend our relationship,and when will he show up? But at least I know he is a he.

Though there'll be an exam tomorrow,I still spent almost a whole day today to have fun.Nobody ever spoils me so I've got to spoil myself a bit.In a word,three delightful things happaned to me today.First I met Sonic and we can't meet until February.He's still like that--sometimes being a little blue,always being a little judgemental,often crossing his arms,generally walking transsonicly on his long thin legs(looks exactly like the creature in the blue pic below).Second,I saw Xiaopudian in person(dog) again and she was lovely as ever.Third,I found some jewelry caskets with leopard print,couldn't afford them though.

(Sonic,British version)
(leopard caskets)