Friday, January 23, 2009

It's the sixth day of my journey.

It's -8° ouside in Lianyungang,but I'm not feeling it that cold.I'm not allowed to go outside because they says it's too cold for me and they worrys I may get a cold.It's much appreciated and I feel like being surrounded by love.I even had to sneeze secretly because I didn't want them to overact.^^

(Little cousins are never gonna stop fighting and screaming.Fainted~)
(My lovely granduncle.He's my mom's uncle.)
I never get along with my father,but according to the Chinese traditional family thing,I'm a member of the Cheng's family.-_-'So I paid a visit to the countryside again to see folks of the Cheng's.The Cheng's village is called "Jin Shan/金山(Gold Mountain)" which doesn't match the reality.But the rural style of life impressed me very much.Everything there was attractive to me.

(It took about 40 minutes to get to Jin Shan/金山 from Ganyu/赣榆 which is where I stay now.Compared to Ganyu/赣榆,Jin Shan is more countryside.)
(My third grandma.)
(One of my nieces.See,I'm old~)
(Me and my own grandma.)