Wednesday, January 21, 2009

quick post.

Finally I've got a free afternoon today but I don't think I could have a nap,because it's not easy to get up in such cold weather and I'm too full to fall asleep. Me and mom have been visiting different "old friends"(who I didn't know at all) and been having different kinds of big meals.People in my hometown favor meat and feel embarrassed to offer vegetables.But that's too heavy for me.Since always I'm not a person with a hearty appetite,but they think I fake because I wanna "lose weight".All I ask for is that I'm allowed to skip dinner today.
(I have to change my outfit as it gets colder.)
(hehe,little cousin was pickying fruits.)
(This path was busy and I heard people bargining everywhere.^^)
(Selling firecracker openly is impossible in Shenzhen.)
(My granduncle's favourite instruments.^^)