Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the sky is blue today,so am I

I went seeing Sarina and her kids the other day.Before we maily talked about kids and her worry.But this time,she was being a listener to me.I thought only her could understand my mixed feelings about going back to my hometown.When school was going on,it felt like I didn't have to comfront it.But when the date we go back is coming soon,I think I have to face the depression and try to work it out.

Now that I don't feel like going back to my hometown,why I'm still doing it?Because we haven't been back for 9 years and for mom,she grew up there and she regards hometown as her real home.And as the old Chinese saying "falling leaves return to their roots",people my mom's age all have the tendency to to go back to where they came.As a divorced woman,mom prefer to "go back and see the folks before I am too old and too ugly to do that".I couldn't help feeling a little sad hearing that.

The worst is,I cannot take it as a travel thing,far from it.I have to keep mom company and be there for her if she is upset because if I don't do that,who else will?She is said to have a new husband in my hometown while she doesn't even have a boyfriend.She thinks it's insulting.Maybe you don't understand,no offense but Chinese people in countryside love spreading gossip and rumour.Though my dad is the jerk to blame but I can see that mom has been described as a "terrible" person too.You try to be cool,but you'd still be disturbed by this kind of stuff.
  • Just love,like you've never been hurt.
  • Just dance,like nobody's watching.
  • Just sing like nobody's listening.
  • Just work,like you don't need the money.
  • Just live,like it's heaven on earth.
  • --- Mark Twain


Other than those emotional thing,I took two typical photos this evening.
  • 1.Don't focus on KFC grandpa.Look at the yellow sign--it's for a hotpot restaurant which has dog hotpot.This kind of restaurant is a little strange because you won't see it until winter.And it just shows up with some tables and chairs,kinda like a camp restaurant.Never have the mood to try it.

  • 2.They always put out a big billboard saying "All goods are on sales and and we are losing money in business.We're close uo the store in three days." but they never leave after three days.Believe me,you can see the same words there after a year.LOL