Saturday, January 10, 2009

saturday idleness.

When in winter,it's dry.And you unconsciously drink more,then of course you pee a lot.As you go the the bathroom for several times,you don't pay much attention to it.And one thing led to another,you'll accidentally enter the wrong one.Like me,I went to the man's and saw the a view of a male classmate's back.Gosh~That was even more embarrassing when he came and asked me "hey,what were you doing there?".But while looking back,I found it hilariousI knew there was something wrong the moment I entered it because there were some extra "basins".LOL.

It was quite cold yesterday in Shenzhen and I didn't even feel like sitting on computer but read in bed instead.I called my folks in hometown and was told that "must be well prepared when coming back" because it's already cold now.I mean to visit many famous sites and I just hope that it won't be too cold for me to go out.Haven't been home for 2 weeks,and mom already put a new calendar on the wall.Except that,everything seems the same.