Friday, January 9, 2009

uninteresting day,uninteresting post

There's old balladry song named "Childhood" in China,singing "ain't realise the the homework is barely done until bedtime;ain't realise the books are hardly hit until sitting an exam".I am touched by this song all along.I don't think I did a good job on the exams in the past few days,but it's alright.

Last night,I got a message from my high school classmate.He told me that everytime he greeted me before exams he got good marks,so he decided to do that again.LOL,that's the most special compliment I've ever heard.Since I never dream of scholarship or something like that,I'd be glad if I'm capable to share my good luck with others.

I always watched a TV program named "ART ATTACK" when I was in primary school.And now,from time to time,I still get some chances to catch it up on TV.But I found that the host Neil looks much older.Good thing that his ideas are still fresh and artwork still fabulous.Everytime I watch it,I keep the little girl's state of mind--curious,admire,itching to try which never put in practice.I hope that this program will continue to play until the time I tell my kid "See that man painting?I loved his artwork when I was your age".


Anonymous said...

Shame the guy who used to present it when we were young killed himself recently...

SHUO said...

I don't understand.Did you mean there was another host for it before?