Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What "date" is it today?

When it comes to date,there's a big difference between China and western coutries.

First of all,I always hear American people say "I just want a fling",but as far as I know there's no Chinese word for "fling".Basically,we just call those guys who do fling playboy,women slut.What's more,in China,even someone has a commitment issue,he or she won't make that confession because it would make him or her a total jerk who are just playing with others' feelings.

Second of all,when western people say they have a date or see someone,it means they're still available for someone else.But for us,we don't date unless we settle down.I mean,for us,dating is something couples do.When one man and one woman go out together and they're not in a relationship,you call that hang out rather than a date.So that's why I had to make clear to Lui when he said I had a date.That's kinda insulting if my every hang out with guys is called DATE.But well,I understand the culture differences.

Third of all,for western people,blind date just means two people who barely know each other having dinner,plus flirting and even making out.But in China,blind date means "I'm looking for a husband or a wife and I definitely want a family".Therefore,if you tell your Chinese blind date you don't wanna settle down or get married,they may think "then why you're sitting here" and take you for one of those blind date weirdos.That why when Clumsy told me he went blind dating,I was overwhelmed but I hid it well I think.

However,I found that if someone goes blind dating,he or she must be already in love with someone else.And during the whole blind dating thing,he or she is thinking nothing but the one he or she actually want.However,why do they still do that?Why don't they give a shoot to the one they actually adore.I don't judge blind date but I don't think you can find your soul mate by that.I think blind date is really blind and it's for your appearance,social status and whether you own an apartment and a car.I can't see the happily ever after coming.

Well,I may sound like sorta conservative but I have faith in true love.