Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy 牛 year's EVE~

It is the lunar New Year's Eve today.It's a bit weird but we Chinese people kinda take new year's EVE more seriously than new year's DAY.According to the Chinese Zodiac,it is gonna be another year of ox.It's quite interesting that chinese word for ox is Niu(牛) which sounds like "new",so we keep saying "happy 牛 year".It's great that we have two "new years" and we're capable to make a-nother wish.^^

After 9 years,I spend the spring festival here in my hometown again.Here's an interesting(or not) thing.Almost everyone said the same thing to me with a surprising face "Shuoshuo,how come your look didn' change?You look just like last time I saw you."I don't exactly remember how did I spend it last time but for this time,but I'm having a good time.As Sarina told me before,the trips you don't want to go on turn out to be the best.

It's normally -2℃~-12℃ in Lianyungang and the water I saw outside already became to ice.I don't think it's too cold for me but all I'm looking forward to is having some snow without the pray-for-snow dance.^0^I saw many folks and everytime I met new ones I had to figure out their positions in the family hierarchy in order to call them properly.I can't speak the local dialect here and sometimes don't completely understand them,so I smile a lot like I never smiled before.They're down-to-earth and are all friendly to me.My untie-in-law is very caring.She didn't let me get up before 10 AM because she said it was too cold for me to get up early.But she didn't know the cocks woke me up around 7 AM every morning.LOL.

Well,I'm gonna go out and receive generous hongbaos(the "hong bao" expresses good luck, growth and improvement) again.I hope that people who I love and love me all have a fabulous new year and get whatever they deserve.^^

(Greeting from Ganyu,Lianyungang,Jiangsu.)


John Smith said...

Very nice blog. I would recommend that you re-install your translation widget because the chinese link does not work properly. If you re-install it will work great!

SHUO said...

Thanks for your comment and recommendation.