Monday, January 19, 2009

Hallo aus Lianyungang~

Guten tag.It's 8:37AM and I'm in my hometown Lianyungang(连云港) city where I hadn't been for 9 years.Now I'm wearing ugly but snug trousers.Good thing that my uncle owns a computer(me and my mom stay my uncle's house here) so that I'm able to update my journey instantly.
I made it yesterday.Me and my mom headed for Guangzhou(广州) to take a plane because there was no direct flight to Lianyungang from Shenzhen(深圳).But it turned out the direct flight from Guangzhou was not really that "direct"----before landing on Liangyungang airport,it stopped in Xuzhou(徐州) for 40 minutes.
Mom hadn't taken a plane for many years,and she seemed to be kinda nervous which made her an adorable old lady^^.Three uncles(only one is my own uncle) came and picked us up.They seemed to be friendly and hospitable.My ears were full of my hometown dialect and it felt so weird that I had to talk to them all in putonghua.I thought I was chi-chi at some points.
(I took it on the plane,so beautiful~)
("We were all in here together.")