Saturday, January 17, 2009

So far so sucks.

Well,basically I've been doing two things since my holiday began,one is reading a novel named "The Adventures of Three Tomb Raiders"(Guichuideng/鬼吹灯),the other is teaching myseld Deutsch/German.

"The Adventures of Three Tomb Raiders" is about the experience of several ghouls who earn their lives by robbing graves.It may sound immoral and those plots are totally grisly and quirky,but even people like me,who can be actually scared by the ghosts and gods,don't feel like quiting reading it.Overall the novel is impressive and is worth reading.And I have the tendency to rob some graves like the characters did.

However,my friend who goes to uni in Xi'an,told me that she was not superstitious before but after staying in Xi'an and hearing a lot of unsual rumors,she was kinda freaked out and wasn't not bold enough to read stuff like that.

Looking at the German alphabet at right,I thought it was familiar,actually it was just like English one.But,that's the problem.They are too similar that I confounded with one the other.I figured I'd forget all my English for a while.Well,you cannot get the best of both worlds.
But the silver lining is I'd use International Phonetic Symbols to read German,so that I can review what I picked up last year.
These two workers were so "brave".They did this job without safety precautions.It was so dangerous.I hope no tragic happens during the joyful festival.
People were queuing to buy train tickets.It was always the case during Spring Festival.
Good thing that there was a underwear shop beside,kinda a pastime for those guys.
The "flower market" was back again.Too early,I think.