Monday, January 5, 2009

Terminal Exams Eve.

After 3 days,I finally got my cellphone back from XXXX.I only had to pay 80 RMB to get it fixed and changed a new shell.It's awesome because I can save that 2000 RMB for a new cellphone for something makes more sense,say travelling.But just when it wat getting great,I lost my purse.The worse is I have no idea when,where and how I lost it,nor how much money in it,so I even can't not take it as being stolen.SUCKS.

I've been following a site named MosesEnglish for some time.I just brownsed those words but didn't seriously memorize them.The week at Xmas,I didn't receive the updats from the site.I thought the host was having a break but it turned out his wife passed away before Xmas and left behind her husband and little boy.I feel really sad about that.He just wrote a apology notice for absence and started to update his site as he used to do.For several times,I felt like weeping when reading his updates,picturing he and his son living with the woman they once loved deeply.I think they need people treating them like before rather than comfort.We don't know exactly what they've gone through but just see the wound.I don't fake anything but I seldom showed my wound to people,even the wound already changes to scar.It's nothing to with privacy or ego,but I just can't handle those unbearing,unrelenting steam of pity.

Anyway,the exams starts tommorrow,gotta hit the books.Super Mario bless me~