Saturday, February 28, 2009

what this Sat all about.

I hanged out with Lui today.It had been two months since last time I met him.We'd been catching up with each other tho.As a spender,he recommended some restaurant at Mix City.I always get my money's worth but sometimes I live it up like what other young gals do.However,it turned out a nice place with good value.We had the cook cook right in front of us which was so interesting that we even didn't feel like talking.We ordered a bottle of beer and I totally overestimated my capacity for liquor.Just a cup of  beer made my face red.Then Lui said something witty,"......wild before drink,red after drink.You're like a shrimp."^^I couldn't quite recall when the last time I was at Mix City but it didn't change at all--as extravagant as before.

There's a supermarket in Mix City called Ole.Most of goods there are imported,so they're all expensive~"Can you imagine drinking pure water with a 400 RMB glass?"In addition to the extravagant price,we found something awfully surprising--they sell crocodile meat there with a real crocodile as a symbol.Well,I didn't mention I ever had pangolin soup before.
I had my first "jelly beans" later.They tasted just like normal candy,nothing special.Don't know why American people are so obsessed with them tho.
Since there were many posers(who brought laptops and sat there like attending to numerous affairs which couldn't be put off to next minute) at Startbucks as usual,we had to grab a coffee and sat on steps outside.Lui told me he'd been working on his book for a while.The book's gonna be about his life in China.He took out his notebook and pen as some idea came.
It's great that you're life is fabulous enough to be written in a book.I think people won't become as nice as Lui or Sarina until they've gone through a hard time.They're supportive and positive because they already know how to be open-minded to anything.