Sunday, February 8, 2009

More from my hometown.

Me and mom were reluctantly involed into a superstition activity--fortunetelling.That man(or woman) said mom wouldn't have a change of luck until her 50s,including love life.Speaking of mom's romance,I got the chance to have dinner with an old classmate of hers in my hometown.And according to the position in the family hierarchy thing,mom should call him uncle,even though they're the same age.

If my memory worked,he aperiodically called mom and asked how she was doing.However,I didn't know he had a secret crush on my mom when they were young,neither did mom.But he revealled the secret when he knew mom got divorced.I was secretly happy for mom for having such a story.I asked her about it,she replied that she didn't know his mind and she always saw him as just a friend.Folks even dragged me into the fortunetelling thing and told me all about it,I don't feel like retelling it though.

Anyway,I had a good time in my hometown.Everyone was so nice and every meal was so big.^^

And I even got a chance to see and touch a real gun.I didn't know a real gun could be that heavy until I held it.

I did take something special and precious---some photos of little me.Everybody said I looked just like when I was young.Well,maybe.^^

(Me when very young)

(Me at present)


Steve said...

Hi Shuo,

I found your blog through Michael Liu's (The Mind of an African-Chinese Guy). It looks interesting, and the photos are cute. 新年快樂!

By the way, I'm Steve. Nice to meet you!

SHUO said...

Thank you for your comment.Your blog seems amazing to me.