Wednesday, March 4, 2009

don't take things for granted

Had dinner with my high school roomate who also studies in my uni.She's moving back from the apartment rented by her and her boyfriend--they have been lived together outside the campus for nearly half a year.They live together and skip classes to travel from time to time.The couple both are children in wealthy families,so they live it up in a way I don't quite understand.Well,what I'm meaning to talk about is the reason she told me for moving back.She said it was "boring" for them to live together even she still liked him a lot.She thought when they were together, they felt more like close friends than lovers.She said it was a certain phase that couple had to go through.I felt very upset when she told me that--when I'm here waiting for my right guy,she's there being bored with her beloved partner?I like routine.I like waiting or being waited by someone everyday.And no matter where I'm going,I hope that I own a base area.Maybe they can't realise what happiness is because they never live on their own account but goof off.It's not easy for them to be grateful.Being judgemental once in a while does stress me out,but it doesn't stop me appreciating everything in life.

Since I was born and raised up in Shenzhen,sometimes I neglect some local issue unless someone brings it up which makes me think all night long.People come here with a gauntlet of judging eyes.But I suggest them putting the stereotype aside and trying to fit themselves into the whole society.Where does any stereotypes come from?A prejudice starts, and all of a sudden it spreads like wildfire,like "Asians can't drive,scot are cheap,Brazilians always put on way too much postage".(—_—')The economic base determines the superstructure,"so get rid of the superiority complex if you haven't seen every life here yet.My homeland is too old to change in a flash,too big to be general,too various to be classified,too great to be underestimated.We have millions of tough problems needed to be solved,one by one.