Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the second day

I didn't mean to make my blog a photoblog,because "photos lie"(which used to be my blog title).But lately I found myself posting with quite a few photos,don't know whether it's good though.Anyway,it's the second day of the new semester.So good so far.But a classmate is off to Italy next week and is gonna stay there for 5 months.Not familiar with her tho,I'm looking forward to her report when she's back.
The following is my resolution for the new start.Frankly,I hardly listed my goals even in high school.I'm too casual,I think.Not sure if I would make it,but "the shortest answer is doing".
There's a new building around my uni.I'm able to see it in one of our classrooms.BUT I think it looks so like an electric razor.
Just finished a book during the boring ancient Chinese class.Its name is "The boy in the striped pyjamas".I felt too sad about the story,really sad.I almost cried while reading the ending.World peace,please!!!
I had another hotpot yesterday.It was a new way to do it--everyone has their own pots but sits closely.It felt good but it didn't mean I don't like sharing~Okay,diet is on...again.