Friday, February 27, 2009

Say hi to the beach.

It was totally a good idea to go to the beach yesterday,neither too hot nor cold.When I left Nanshan,it was sunny and hot but when I got to Futian,it turned gloomy.So I wasn't surprised when we got rain in Shatoujiao.Good thing that it didn't rain on the beach,so I only got my feet wet.As walking on the beach and dipping feet in the seawater,I found myself knowing the word "踏浪" better.
There were barely any people there because it's not technical summer yet.You couldn't see men with big belly,women in bikini,or many people swimming closely like dumplings boiling,everything seemed so "harmonious".Lying on the rock,I didn't feeling like opening my or even talking.It was like living an empty life.

(I tried this which cost me 10 RMB.Not expensive,not exciting*to me*.)

(I quite like the following pic.The couple kinda posed for my camera.^^)

Here comes the mood killer.The following "birdmen" were redefined by me from different points of view.

1:Hilary Cliton was waving to her constituencies;
2:He/she was going to turn a somersault.
3:He/she was smelling some part of his/her body.I suppose I don't have to point out which part.(LOL.I'm so mean~)


1:Two Japanese warriors just gave each other the strongest attack with katanas.
2:They were playing basketball.The green one just did a crossover.
3:The blue one was dragging the green to something juicy.

When I was on the bus back,I passed by Diwang Tower and I think I took the most fantastic pic of it.Then I made up a lame quote:you'll never be too high to hide.^^I had a good time yesterday even there were only two girls hanging out.She said it was great to .But I don't think we were actually relaxes--if only one day I go to the beach without cellphone,without iPod,without camera,then I'll say I do have a carefree moment.So I think everyone is capable to relax them wherever they are,as long as you have a peaceful state of mind.


Andrew said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! I thought I would reciprocate and look at your pictures too! I love the 'Hilary Clintons' on the beach - they're beautiful! :o)

SHUO said...

Thanks a lot.I won't doubt about your compliment.^^