Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Other things from Jiangsu.

One day ahead of my departure,I was invited to visit the birthplace of the Monkey King,Huaguoshan Mountain/花果山.Everybody knew Monkey King was just a character of "The Journey to the West",so you can see that the Huaguo Mountain is totally commercialized for the tourism.But since I'm a nature lover,I was willing to pay a visit to it.
(Monkeys are definitly indispensable.)
(Cute,huh?Those monkeys were so aggressive.I was freaked out.)
(Other than monkeys,I saw uncountable cryprinus carpiod.That was amazing.)
(I felt very guilty to see the spotted deers because I ate a spotted deer not long ago.)
And I visited Xuzhou/徐州 with my uncle and auntie later.Until than,I knew there actually were spicy food tasted better than Sichuan's and Hunan's--Xuzhou Cuisine.Why there is no Xuzhou Restaurant in Shenzhen?I'm so gonne be the first one to open one if I'm weathy enough in the future.^^
After the lunch,I visited the Martyr Memorial Tower of Huaihai Battle.It was free(unexpectedly) but very impressive.I wanna say sorry to the conservators because I took quite a few pics before I knew I shouldn't have.
(I saw Dengxiaoping.And guess what,he was the only one I was capable to recognize.)
(This pic of Chiang Kai Shek and Chairman Mao appeared in my history book for many times.)
Next,I'll post something I found fuuny,weird or tellable in my hometown.
1.The building had no stairs but some some sort of slope.I was told that it was because they used bicycle a lot.
2.That were many stores that sold wreath,graveclothes and urn.Are those stuff that popular?
3.Apartments in my hometown were all sold at reasonable price.
4.Products with fake brand were easily found,like the following "Aeipple".
5.I had no idea why Korean commentary(second to English) was everywhere.I mean they should've put more languages.
6."If the army and the people have one mind,we're second to none."China is not a militaristic country.This slogan is so misleading.Good thing that it was written in Chinese.^^
Guess it's the time I get done posting things about my jounrney in my hometown.I was wondering if there was a day that Shenzhen became my hometown...or even China.


lunaticg said...

Cute monket but they must be a fierce kind of type. Can see that you only take their picture from far away.
See you around.

SHUO said...

hehe,seems that I'm so transparent--but those monkeys were really hungry I think