Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hello February!

Well,I know I'm leaving here soon when it turned to February.I'd lived in hotel for the past few days(long story) and had been dragged into every visiting folks thing like a child.Neither do I miss Shenzhen,nor look forward to staying here for more days.

(One of those very special dumpling.)
(Bull and bullshit.LOL)
Aftering being with so many cousins and folks,I got the feeling that parents in my hometown badly spoil their children which is not glorious as far as I'm concerned.Over here,most kids are free from any housework and aren't not capable to daily life.Although there still are quite a few old rules and reguations here,parents don't implant good manners in their children.So now what I see is that those kids have no common decency.They don't greeting the elders,not to mention their table manners.

People in my hometown are friendly,some are even well off but it's a shame that they seem to be content only with having big meals and expensive clothing(which seems to me is too over and sorta styleless).And I found that they get tired easily and they're not capable to walk---they're fond of taking a cab or something like that and never feel like going on foot even to somewhere nearby.I don't know whether I should say they are lazy bones or have money to burn.Well,I don't mean to be judgemental but I'm more accustomed to humble fare.

It's too dark here in my hometown so I don't dare to go out alone at night.However,while lighting service is poor,in the daytime,it's all the traffic.There is too much whistle from all kinds of automobiles and traffic lights here are a mere mockery.