Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Que Sera Sera.

The other day,someone came and fixed a mirror on the wall of my dorm.Since I was the only one there,it was adjusted according to my point of "view".And guess what,when my roomies came back and checked it out,it was too low for them to see their faces.It's fairly one of those embarrasing cases due to my SHORTcoming.

I tried to avoid saying "I was little" when meant "I was young" because I've always been little.Few years before,I was too fat to be little but since I lost some weight,the fact is getting more and more obvious--compared to friends around me,I'm quite short,having short legs and even tiny feet.

Mom once comforted me,"sweetie,that's why the high heels exist."But the saddest is the tallers seem to be more desperate for high heels.And I felt myself pathetic everytime I was on high heels because I couldn't help but wondering if I myself am not willing to accept the way I am,who will?

Well,I didn't mean to make it a big deal but I've been feeling depressed.Maybe it's because the vacation is too long to be embraced.I'm gonna give myself a piece of song as a present.Easy does it,fussy wuzzy.>_<
("Que Sara Sara")