Thursday, February 19, 2009

previous in my life.

1.I passed my primary school when visited my friend living around Lianhuabei/莲花北.It looked different and somehow much smaller.The pupils there were wearing Red scarf for Young Pioneer as I did but they were no longer wearing the same uniforms as ours.To be honest,I can't quite recall my life in primary school and that six years seem to pass by in a flash.

2.The next day,I dropped by Litchi Park/荔枝公园 where I hadn't been for quite a few years,though it's not far from my home.It was as crowded as it used to be and old people were fairly an important part.
3.Earlier this week,I paid a visit to Helena's home.
Well,frankly I wasn't there for her but for her adorable dog Peter.Peter was cute and chubby.But since it's already spring,he was being ruttish from time to timeI knew it was normal for dogs,but I really didn't feel confortable with the rut thing.I suppose I won't have a male dog.Well,I'm not even quite sure whether I will have a dog since I like animals but not taking care of them.Will it make me a horrible person?>_<


Which Main? What Cross? said...

Beautiful pictures

SHUO said...

Thank for dropping by.^^