Thursday, October 30, 2008


It seems like the melamine issue is never gonna come to an end.More and more melamine found in more food additives and products from China.

The worse is,people around me start to get fed up with the word "melamine".I mean they're like bystanders,watching such and such scandal.They're like,"if there's a problem with milk,no milk then.I've still got a life.You can call that optimism or something but it's in a bad way.I'm saying that they're not totally callous indifference to the suffering of others,but without reflection or introspectiveness,it's not helping.

It's our national's incorrigbility which was found by Lu Xun back in 1920'.But I'd rather believe it's just a phase.We just need more time to get back our passion.I wish I could that coming before I have a kid,then I don't need to protect him from those negative characteristics.