Thursday, October 16, 2008

weak week

I'm finally in the mood of posting about how have I been lately.Generally,It's a pleasant week.

Lui gave me two gifts he brought from Filipine.They were a bracelet and a windbell which were both made of shells.My friends thought nothing of them but I just loved them so much.I thought they were so nice and you were never gonna buy exactly the same ones in China.I wanna say thank you to Lui for his regard and for the dinner that day.

Then I got another part-time job thanks to Helena.The tuition was peanut but it was supposed to be enough to cover my daily expense.I should be grateful anyways because I don't have to ask money from mom,lightening her burden at least.

But a fly in the ointment,Mushy told me he was gonna stay in Malaysia permanently.I knew he would get my heart broken but didn't expect it would come so fast.I was speechless when he said that.I was hurt,badly.