Friday, October 24, 2008


My uncle flew to Shenzhen for some business the other day.Today I finally got the chance to have dinner with him but I really wish I hadn't attended the sentimental dinner.Though all kinds of feelings well up in their hearts while talking about the bitter old days,why can't it be a merry dinner instead of shedding tears or some drunk words?I really dislike those folks who came and had to talk about my dad or whatever made my mom cry.I was so depressed when I saw her weeping and I couldn't help doing the same. Maybe it's easy for me to say.

For many years,I had the idea that I was totally over my dad issue.Sometimes you think you're living out one story but the truth turns out to be something else entirly.I mean I do not hate him,but I don't believe in father-and-daughter relationship now.I mean everytime I saw some fathers caring their daughters,I felt uncomfortable.My girl friends told me they even wore underwear in front of their father,I felt so disgusted.Then I realised I had a problem deep down.But what I'm considering is:though I know my problem,do I have to solve it?