Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The other day,I paid a visit to IKEA alone.All I got was a sore foot,but I was still delighted.IKEA was such an amazing place.Everything there seemed so attractive that I was even dreaming having my own house.And I finally figured out the reason why my mom always enjoyed doing housework so much was because she decorated our home in person.Every single thing was the reality of her thought so she was always in the mood to keep them nice.So my advice is:don't go to IKEA when you don't have your own place or you'll feel frustrated.^^

Lately,I got the feeling that I couldn't find the English word for exactly what I meant.I'm saying that my English,out of nowhere,sucks.
I don't think it's just a phase.I mean I suppose I'll stick to the status quo forever.Yea,"stick".Jeez,why the hell my life is so boring.What don't I deserve a fabulous life or something?It's just so unfair.I wanna make my own history without doing something out of my reach.
But the thing is I don't wanna break my rules.I mean I have my princeples and taste.Doing those nasty or whining things is so not me~So I guess I'm gonna die alone.