Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome me back!

I haven't updated this blog for a while.I wasn't busy with anything but was just lazy.Like I always say:you've got to spoil yourself a little bit.
The other day,I got a msn of a British guy in my city and started to chat with him from time to time.He was nice and his name was David.Guess what,he was from London!!Don't judge me but I always love London city just so much.I told him about that and he suggested me to visit London sometime.Yea,I wish but have no idea when I would made it.Anyway,it feels good to keep a dream in mind.
Apart from London,South Africa is another place I look forard to.Mr.LeMay gave everyone of my class an assignment-giving a presentation about a destination not within China.Well,I was considering South Africa but Mr.LeMay told me it was too "broad" so I'll go with the Cape of Good hope then.
I did give some thoughts to the travel thing but I found out that it was pretty much the same to visit South Africa as to London which meant I could not afford either of them.Damn it.