Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I chatted to David the other day and asked for his opinion of the tainted milk issue.As expected,he was literally freaked out a certain extent.But who wasn't!Even the dining halls in my uni which owns better facilities than any other uni in China has arised two cases of collected poisoning accidents since I entered it.I admit that I'm so embarrassed by this issue and I'm sure it works for other Chinese people.

Did I mention Nana before?Nah,I don't think so.Then let me tell something about him.About half an year ago,I posted an ad for tutoring part-time.There was barely some replies but I did get one special and it was from Nana.He's in my city now but back to that moment he's still in the UK.He told me he was gonna come to Shenzhen and kinda needed my help.He also said he had African origin but was raised up in the UK.(Well,the color thing is never an issue to me)After that,we talked on the phone for about 2 times and later he finally made it.hmm..why would I start to talk about him?I suppose it's because he's really caring and patient and these two points are very impressive.I'm not getting at any romantic stuff with him but am just thinking about we being good friends.I don't need any flings but friends.

As for the boyfriend thing,I do have it in mind.I know he couldn't give me any future.Anyway,I've gone through so many things and I just want happiness now rather than future.Am I stupid?