Wednesday, October 22, 2008

not another routine.

Sometimes I just don't feel like a girl because I have never involed into any girls' issue.Yet it helps clarity come because I suppose some girls are provoking themselves to start a conflict, even if there's nothing to fight about. sigh~If you have been distracted by problems, then get moving!Being active is one of the very best ways to cheer yourself up and get yourself feeling better about what is going on.

Mr.LeMay told us to get a team name for his class.It was kinda stupid,but other people were having fun doing this.So I went with the flow.Me and Wing named ourselves"Sure Win" because it sounded like "Shuo Wing".Haha,I found that I could make anything funny,at least for me.Han and Helena named themselves "The Davids" because Chinese for David was Da Wei which meant "big stomoach".Those two girls always eat a lot,so the name is so their choice.There were many weird names like "XYZ","Oh MY GOD" and "ps".We Chinese people are like getting untied when we speak English.I mean we dare to say anything in English even if we know those words are rude or stupid.

Had a class with Kim Sanghan this afternoon.He was funny as usual and I just kept laughing during the 2 hours' class.Everytime I said some Korean words,he was like "wow" and I was so flattered^^.Are Korean,or at least Korean guys the same?I don't always believe in those stereotypes but was just wondering.I've got to say I know teachers' mind better now because,finally,I understood why back in high school the teachers preferred those annoying naughty boys.^^

Me and David had dinner today.I didn't break my promise--it was my treat.I'm somebody now^^.Because of the pics of N.Y which were taken by David,I started to miss "Sex and The City".I was planning to review the show but later I figured that I was so gonna watch more British tvshows to get used to British words and expressions.I found myself somewhat(David's word,normally I use "kinda") outspoken tonight."No man lives without jostling and being jostled; in all ways he has to elbow himself through the world, giving and receiving offense."Anyway,I always wanna pick up the real English but it seems the reverse now.Nonono,I don't wanna be the "yoyoyo,wassup" person.

And oh your god,David knew I "linked" him(maybe he is browsing this now).Good thing that my posts are just stupid but not rubbish.Or I would have been more embarrassed.Speaking of embarrassment,I'm pretty sure he is "in deep sorrow" now because of losing way.Yes,he was in the company of me at that moment but he was the leader for his speed's became a little boy while purchasing the speakers and it gives me the feeling that,is there anything could make me a little girl since I am kinda torpor now?