Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chongyang Jie.

I had a nice dinner with legendary David who I just talked to on MSN before today.He was late.Well,it wasn't an issue to me because I always kept others waiting for me and I believed I would got revenge some day.So there you go~

Well,it wasn't major for our first meeting whatsoever.I had never imaged his appearance so I didn't get any unexpected feeling when I sae him.He told me he had lost weight since came to Shenzhen because of the food,the resident and the different life he had.No wonder he looked slim which embarrassed me a little bit because I was over weight.

Okay,speaking of the dishes,I thought they were just average.The thing is I didn't get any special feelings about or fancy any special food.I suppose I could call it torpor.I gave my so-call housewarming,books on Chinese,to David.I had no idea whether it was proper but he seemed glad.

After the dinner,we called it a day.He went home while I went directly to HOTWIND and bought those shoes which I fancied for a while.But I hadn't expected I bought a Honeys coat after shoes.I was so on fire but I'm so content now because the coat is leopard print!Woohoo~I love everything with leopard print.