Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Friends treated my a dinner in Su Wu shepherd.It was a sort of hotpot restaurant which is my favourite.Good thing that it didn't cost them too much-11 people there just consumed alomost 300 RMB.It felt to have old friends around.We talked about the past and laughed out loud with formality.

I said birthday is no biggy when Helena and Luohan asked what I wanted for birthday gift.But I hadn't have thought that they would give me bedspread with leopard print.LUI also bought me a mirror with laopard print as a gift.I was so glad because I love leopard print.^^Actually I already have some stuff with it.

Finally,I'm 20.It's not a horrible age when it actually comes to reality.And what I'm supposed to do is looking back on my life,re-running the movies of your life will remind you of your successes, and more importantly, reminding me of the lessons I have learned from my mistakes.As fas as I'm concerned,you'll always feel regret about the past,even yesterday,so don't feel too awful if something in the past is really upsetting you.But you've got to notice a pattern of behavior that will help you move forward in a more healthy way.