Saturday, October 25, 2008

speechless case.

A friend of me named Obey used to just a name to me but today it's gonna be on record of legal case.He made everybody shocked and speechless.I should start the story from scratch.

There was a terrible accident or I should say incident in Shenzhen.A window fell down from a high-rise called "Hao Lai Ju" and it killed a little boy.The worse is,nobody can tell or witness who did it or whose window was it.The police couldnot lay the responsibility at anybody's door.The case was definitely a hard nut to crack.

Just as it seemed to be a endless problem,a marvel post showed up in the bbs of "Hao Lai Ju".It was him!He confessed evrything and remarked that he felt guilty.Everybody was so released,though no one knew who he was.And it comes back to my friend.It ended up that he was the person who posted but not the person who threw the window.So it was totally a practical joke.Gosh!!He got nerve.His name was totally ironic--not obey atall.

Obey was arrested.Good thing that Obey has come back after several days' detention.But it officially told us that WE ARE ADULTS.I mean we would never be protected when we make mistakes.We are never children and should take responsibilities,at least for ourselves.