Monday, October 20, 2008

hi,new week~

I suppose this week kinda sucks because I didn't get a pleasant beginning.
First thing is that LUI cancelled our class on Sunday while I asked my mom to prepare some pancakes for him.Well,I should say that he was not lucky enough to enjoy them.Then another thing came--Kim Sanghan cancelled our class on Monday either.It was just too annoying because I rearranged the dinner with David for the class on Monday.
See,that's why I don't like to plan anything.Changes always run faster than plans and I don't feel like letting myself arrange for nothing.In a word,I'm so gonna get used to this kind of "accident".Good thing that I'm gonna to meet David on Wednesday which I'm looking forward to because it's gonna be my treat.Well,since my birthday's coming,I should be generous.
Speaking of David,he just came back from a weekend-trip from Hong Kong.And he told me he was so delighted."i can escape there when China gates my nerves"--his words.I wasn't offenced but got a weird feeling hearing his remark.I love my city though it's not as nice as Hong Kong at some points.Everytime I went to Hong Kong,I was looking forward to going back as soon as possible.David said I was just being so Chinese and I couldn't deny it.
Meanwhile,I read LUI's latest blog and,didn't know why,thought he was getting at me.^^Anyway,it should have been in a good way.