Sunday, May 31, 2009


Had dinner with someone who I had a crush on back in high school and we hadn't kept in touch after graduation even we are in the same uni now.It started off well.We talked about the good old days and caught up.But I ended up putting him into the "friends zone" for good.I didn't expect anything bewteen us to have a chance to be different,yet I did feel a bit disappointed at him because he didn't change at all.He was still the one capable to help me solve the math problem(I guess),the one who tells jokes that make me laugh.

However,when I heard his same old remark and heard that he still had his father drive for him back and forth,I couldn't help but questioning what kind of a twentysomething guy was he?I mean,while I 'm moving on,growing up,getting a lot of new insights and having myself more figured out,he stays the same and seems still like a high school student to me.Not that I belittle him,but for a spoiled guy like him,what else has he got?I'm not asking for any wealth nor not good enough to pick on,but I think I fairly deserve someone challeging and perceptive,somone I can actually learn something from.

We got three days off thanks to the Dragon Boat Festival.Yea,when it comes to holidays,it's always about consumerization.Like me,I watched a movie and had pizza during the three-day festival.And FIY,pizza is quite expensive in China.If not for getting together with old friends,I'd like to have a low key dinner and movie night in.I should probably stop being social before the Summer holidays,because my schedule seems to cost really a lot.I suppose I'm gonna spend 2000RMB merely in Beijing.Gotta save up,crazy girl!!!I hope the swine flu could be over soon,or else it may be a bit hard to make my trip go smoothly..

July.20~July.30 Beijing(北京) ,Tianjin(天津) (Chengde/承德,Qinhuangdao/秦皇岛)
July.31~August.5 Lianyungang/连云港 (Xuzhou/徐州)
August.6~August.8 Nanjing/南京 (Wuxi/无锡)
August.9~August.12 Suzhou/苏州 ( Hangzhou/杭州)
August.13~August.16 Shanghai/上海

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The following is photos taken on ICIF 2009 the other day.There's not much to tell,just a over-commercialized activity.It wasn't worth 50RMB,I suppose.


E.Michael Liu said...

my God i really like the way you take pictures, i wish i was good like you.
anyway you ask me a question about how my mother met my father, well my dad used to worked in Africa, he was there for almost 22 years, and he met my mom...

Holocalypse said...

I had a lot thing gonna to say.But when I`m sitting here,pressing my keyboard,most of them have been gone...Except one thing,"how hard that I came here."Screw the GFW.That goddamn thing almost blocked our connection.
Accroding to read your word,I learned much thing.Your story make me remind a passage from the TV serise "Friends",which Monica occasional met a guy named Chip who had date with Rachel in high school.You remind the story now,right?I`m sure that you`ll find some guy you actually fell into,in some days soon~~~
Your schedule."July July.20~July.30,Tianjin(天津)'.I can barely hold the exciting in my thought.~~
Wish I can see you then~

SHUO said...

To [E.Michael Liu]
There's that.Your parents' story sounds romantic.^^Thank you for your compliment,btw.

To [Holocalypse]
I don't quite recall the name "Chip" but I think I've got your point.Yeah,I'm waiting for the right guy.Let's catch up soon.