Thursday, June 4, 2009

June Fourth 2009

Here's an old Chinese folk tale.A man buried his silver in the ground and put up a note, saying: "Three hundred ounces of silver is not buried here."His neighbour Ah Erh stole the silver and also put up a note with this: "Your neighbour Ah Erh didn't steal it."
(captured on "The Simpsons",season 16,episode 12)

Our Chinese government must have heard of this story,so they decided to not put up any notes and forced everyone to remove notes of any kinds.We Chinese people use another old idiom a lot--欲盖弥彰 which means the more what one tries to hide,the more it exposed.And now,I finally realise that,at some point,this idiom also means despotism,obscurant and low EQ.They're so wrong,even more wrong than doing the violence in 1989.Why are you so open-minded to May Fourth but not breathing a single word about June Fourth?

To be honest,I wasn't upset when Youtube and Blogger were blocked.I even reckoned that I was lucky to bypass the GFW.But at the moment where popular foreign websites were blocked and internal sites were told to shut up,I actually felt a bit irritated.What you treat us like kids?Good thing that the block thing spurred people on seeking for the Tiananmen Square protest,seeking for the truth.Numerous Chinese netizen felt violated and tried their best to break the WALL in order to let people know about the truth.

I reflected on myself that why hadn't I told anything about it,at least to people around.There I commenced doing what I just learned : introduce the GFW to people around you and pass around the tools to break the wall.It started off badly.Even if they knew about the GFW,they didn't care about it.I insisted on sending them the tool and forcing them use it,whereas it made me look like a radical person which is not that kind of image I meant to set up for myself.

I heard that an American instructor in my university displayed the video of Tian'anmen Square on June 4th,1989 and told his students that there was no democracy in China.I don't think much of his indignant deed.I mean,he was supposed to tell his Chinese students why the protest happened,what did those protestors go through and how did it end up.He merely just popped out the bloody scene and blamed our beloved country(he should point out CCP).It just made those students revolt against the "American devil".

To totally deny something is unwise.I believe that we need to build up an impersonal attitude.I mean,we can see from those videos that some students were indiscreet enough.When I read foreign press or the Taiwan media report,I know they're not being candid.Compared to them,I really appreciate insight of Hongkong meida which is more fair-and-square and genuine.I'm a traditional Chinese girl after all.

I just want to say,don't just talk about the June 4th,when it's June 4th.June 4th is a spirit,inciting us to continuously aspire after truth and rights.We deserve them. 


Anonymous said...

Wow, what happened to the American instructor? I bet that didn't go down so well with the university!

SHUO said...

Nothing happened,yet.That old American man really got nerve.^^Yea,barely heard anyone except me talking about it.