Saturday, May 23, 2009


Caught up with some old friends last night.One of them just came back from L.A.We were teasing him about the swine flu before he told us he had already been back for 10 days and but been doing the self-quarantine.Good citizen indeed.I couldn't help but recalling that I had been so longing to study abroad and my ideal country was Germany and the UK.But I know it's quite unrealistic.Studying abroad is something for the rich people.For me,it's just a dream.Like my answer to D's question,the most important thing I've learnt so far is compromising.

We had a gossip time and breaking some juicy news was surely a major part of it.So there we knew that two of those never-get-a-boy-friend kind of girls actually got boyfriends.It was sidesplitting at some point.But later,I gave it some thought:Everyone will find the ONE sooner or later,no matter how disqualified he or she seems to us.Thinking about me,I don't drive,nor do well in cooking,I don't have a slender figure nor wear make-up,but there can be some guy who is fond of cooking and walking,and is looking for a humble girlfriend(rarely happens though).That's all Mr.Right all about,isn't it?Lui got a new boyfriend lately,I want one also.^^

So much for the girls talk.I'm going to write up more about my little trip to Guangzhou.I had been to Guangzhou a few times but all for transfer.I felt deeply regretful that I didn't realise its beauty and marvelous history before.I joined my friend in the "probationary party(CCP) members' activity" on the third day of my trip.But it didn't turn out to be that political,but patriotic instead.By metro,we got to our first destination,Peasant Movement Institute Station.It was a totally new place,nay a new name to me.So the local Cantonese in the old time didn't seem so materialistic.
We headed for Honghuagang/广州起义烈士陵园(红花岗).It was built to memorize the martyrs killed in Guangzhou uprising.
Huanghuagang Uprising (黄花岗起义) happened before the Xinhai Democratic Revolution in 1911. In April that year, Huang Xing of The Chinese Revolutionary League, led about 120 men to storm the government office of Guangdong and Guangxi in Guangzhou (Canton). However, the Qing Dynasty government knew the attack in advance, so the army was well-prepared. The revolutionary forces failed to occupy the office and 86 of the soldiers were killed. Huang Xing was wounded. He escaped to Hong Kong and 72 of the death soldiers' body were buried in Honghuagang (红花岗) at the east of Guangzhou. Hong means Red and Huang is Yellow in Chinese, also the surname of the leader, in memory of the martyrs in the unsuccessful revolution, Honghuagang changed to Huanghuagang.
And I really don't know how to write about this place in English,too Chinese-specific,so I'm not going to miseducate anyone here.
 (Here's where Sun Yet-Sun claimed to be the provisional President of the Republic of China.)
To be continued...