Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stop procrastinating!!!

There could have been a big change for my life in the past month but good thing that I didn't tell it because it wasn't gonna happen anyway.Here's the might-have-been,I practically decided to study abroad in Germany and even pushed ahead the language course thing.But later,mom had a heart-to-heart talk to me which made me quit that idea and realised how selfish and naive I was.I felt so ashamed for having this unrealistic desire.I regarded myself as a sensible girl why didn't consider that this plan would definitely give mom a heavier burden on her shoulder.I had always been grateful,but this time what on earth came over me?Anyhoo,I'm not going anywhere but sticking to the status quo.I know how life can be.It could change over night but not my life,for now.I drew a bunch of lines myself and the universe obviously doesn't want me to cross any of them.I'd better not piss off the universe or it would slap me.

Ahem,subject's changed!Let me post on the pictures taken in Guangzhou.But I don't feel like adding any commentary.And my story tells you,that if you mean to write about your latest trip or thought,DO IT NOW,or you would tend to be procrastinating and putting it off to endless tomorrow.And you probably end up writing nothing(like what I do right now).BTW,maybe that's the beauty of twitter:a digital history of your thoughts or mind which you're not allowed to reedit,(you can delete it tho).





Anonymous said...

Sounds like typical Chinese-parent-cant-let-adult-child-go syndrome.

Life is so boring if you're always sensible and do what everyone around you expects to do.

Go to Germany, if you don't you'll regret it the rest of your life...

SHUO said...

Don't blame parents.

They raise you up and you're not supposed to always put yourself first.