Saturday, May 2, 2009

B.I.M--bake it myself

I'm much of a homemade person.I prefer homemade food rather than dining out,whereas it's always a shame to confess that I don't cook.In this regard,I got in touch with a baker and borrowed her baking equipments in order to improve my reputation.LOL.I mean that I like nurturing and nourishing myself.So there I made the scene at a not swanky flat.I seldom was meticulous and detailed oriented so I was worried about those potential awkward moments.But it turned out quite yum.Yay me.

(I suppose there was no melamine in that milk or cream.)
(Seriously,my hands are so plump......)
(Seperating the egg white and yolk...)
Cheese cake


austenfan said...

Wow, that looks good. I prefer home cooked food too! And I don't know how to cook. LOL.

SHUO said...

hehe,glad to know there there is a Filipino girl like me.Thank you for your comment.

Leigh Russell said...

It makes me hungry just looking at your lovely pictures. I'm afraid I can't cook at all. I'm really impressed with your success. I'm sure it all tasted wonderful. Well done!

Holocaust said...

Look like so yummy~which kind of flavor?Cheese?And your fingers weren`t ever plump.Just the color of nailpolish,it`s made me feel some kind of..."unharmony",with your finger.

SHUO said...

To [Leigh Russell]:

hehe,thank you for your kind words.Hope your novel going well.

To [Holocaust]:
That's very sweet of you (about the remark on my fingers).I don't mean to brag but the cake was good.