Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Goodbye in advance.

We did the dubbing thing on the oral English class the other day.We were offered some scenes of Microcosmos.The whole class was divided into couple of groups.Our team worked out okay and all the rehearsal had really paid off.Since it was dubbing,we guys had to make up all the lines which were supposed to matched the motions of those little creatures.Therefore,it was rather a chance for everyone to show what they got.

After going through all the groups,there was plus size question mark arising on my head.Was it a collection for all the four-letter words?"Damn","shit","b**ch","a**hole","bastard"--good thing that there was no f*ck but I was shocked that my classmates could be so "urban".Maybe they thought those were the real English or stylish expressions,however I didn't feel comfortable.I didn't see our American English instructor's face,but I knew I was flushed by those words and I had to laugh off my embarrassment.

I believe you would associate what I said above with the TV series.and say "Darn tootin' those TV series."Do not feel confussed that "why Chinese people are able to watch practically all of the American TV" because Chinese are still so desperately studying English + there're a immense number of Chinese living abroad + Chinese are self-giving + Netizen in China is a gigantic group = many websites which focus on importing foreign TV series sprung out in a row.They provide with both Chinese and English subtitle which is a good way to learn English efficiently. Below is the screenshots.("How I Met Your Mother".YYeTs version)

Well,I don't want to over-generalize anything but why is the American media fond of seting up some erratic mother or father figure.Apart from Marge on THE SIMPSONS,I haven't seen any mother that  accords with my definition of mother.Take FRIENDS as an example,Monica and Ross's parents,Rachel's mother,Chandler's parents,plus Charlie's mother on TWO AND A HALF MEN--they're all kinky at different levels.
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Speaking of mother,it'll be Mother's Day this Sunday but I won't be home but in Guangzhou instead.Getting a friend to join you on your latest plan can be difficult sometimes,so I'll go to Guangzhou alone and come back on Sunday.And before that,I'll stay in one of my friends dorm room for three nights which is agreeable and economical for me.

I'm quite looking forward to it because friends and former classmates who now study in uni in Guangzhou have kept asking me to visit them and their universities since the freshman year.Yet I was procastnating it all along for such and such things.I know the swine flu is top-line for now but I don't wanna postpone the trip any more.And I can't see myself getting in that kind of trouble,hopefully.

Below is some farewell pictures.^^Jin sent me a incredibly adorable gift on not-a-festival day.It's a pair of leopard-ears barrette which is totally taken a fancy by me.


Holocalypse said...

Maybe this time I will be the first place in your comment list.I get the "sofa"~~

Now it`s wednesday now,you may move to Guangzhou tomorrow.I think you don`t have to consider the "swine flu" problem.We can regress the time to 2003,when the SARS invade Shenzhen,you still fine,right?
See,there isn`t necessary to consider the problem.In my opinion,if you dread it too much then get it in more possible.
In your "farewell picture",your nail have been seen so different than your last blog "B.I.M".
Oh,now it`s the time that I`ve seen your per se first time ever~Ahha,If you came Tianjin this summer,I would recognize you at the exit of train station.

E.Michael Liu said...

hi shuo, i was laughing when you said you were shock by all the bad words in american shows, trust me thats all we get on TV here, i hardly let my kid watch TV anymore. and thanks for your comment on my blog.
by the way my brother and i will be visiting China in november, its going to be the first time for me, and as you can imagine i am so excited, i can't wait to see that beautiful contry.

SHUO said...

To [Holocalypse]:

hehe,thanks for your watch.It's quiteeasy to leave a first comment here,because it's not bustling.

Yea,I removed the polish because my fingernails had got to breathe.^^Thank you in advance for picking me up at the station.I wasn't expecting you to do that.Yet I'm more looking forward to dropping by Tianjin.

To [E.Michael Liu];

hehe,I know there're stereotypes and false impressions.And I know that New York is not the US.^^I was just annoyed by my classmates.

Welcome to China!I suppose you would stop by Hongkong and my city by then.Hope I could help something if you need.