Thursday, March 26, 2009

wandering in Nanshan

On this Thursday morning,there was a thunder storm here in Shenzhen.It hadn't rained this hard for a long time,so everybody seemed to enjoy the terrific view.But it didn't last long.
I went around to the Nantou acient fortress which was totally a boring place.Everything was being renovated,so I wasn't able to get in those sites.I was there when in primary school,and the fortress felt so different.(To be honest,it sucked~><)
(Groups of pupils were having their class trip there.Adorable~)
Since I read the post "Chinese Guerilla Advertising",I've been kept my eyes on those street ads.And just on my way back to uni,I found two street ads that made me mad.

As you can see in the following pics,the left one says "false coin available" while the right "hallucinogen available".What's going on here!!!This is so outrageous!!!If people can sell these things openly,what else don't they dare do?Screw them--it's the first time I say this.