Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fresh Eyes on Macau (1)

I'd been meaning to post about my trip in Macau as long as I got back,but I found it really not easy to get started because I wasn't organized at all.Until today,I finally get in writing about it.As I don't feel like making it into a diary,I'll classify the photos,followed by my personal commentary.

It was not the first time I went to Macau but first time we two girls,as solo travellers,planned the whole schedule on tour,which means we got more chances to explore the real Macau.But well,casinos,which are symbol of Macau,were not included this time.To be honest,not that I didn't want to gamble a bit,but once I entered the casinos I paniced-it was another world in there.Maybe I'll do it next time when my boyfriend having my back.^^

But speaking of casinos,I did like it at some point because they offered free bus.All you need to do is finding out the nearest casino from the place you're going to and going on a ride.You may have to enter the casino,but it doesn't take you little time to go out and head for your destination.Well,other than casinos,Macau is still worth visiting.

streets in Macau

Nobody would describe Macau as a mega city.I'm not saying that it is small,but almost everything there has a relatively smaller size.Take streets as an example,there hardly are some broad ways.But it's not a problem there because you can see minus size buses freely coming by and ritzy cars going like the wind.

The Macau-owned paths were paved with white square tiles.But as you can see in the photos above,the billboards somewhat brought me around to the memory of Hongkong.But not until I glimpsed at some postboxes did I call up where I was.Who said the old-fashioned snail mail was dead?You could easily spotted postboxes at some random street and the postboxes workes also like stamp machines(not all in operation tho).
churches in Macau

Churches could be one of the most attractive elements of Macau.All the churches there were world heritages.But I don't think I could tell their ages from the facade because I found some quite young-painted light yellow which was a frisky colour in my opinion.Yet I don't dare assert anything about churches because I hardly know about them(I even chickened out before enter them),but I always associated churches with weddings and vows.
And there it was,some staffs decorating the St.Anthony church.I found it holy romantic.I wish I would be invited to a wedding in church some day.It's shame that I never sat at church,not to mention do the church thing first-hand.I should turn to some churchgoer for that,even I'm not a Christian.But as far as I've seen,people who went to church in Macau were not Chinese-looking,instead,they were either Filipinos or Caucasian.
food in Macau

Take a sound of advice:do not go to the so-called well-known restaurants in Macau because there's more praise than pudding.What I highly recommend is snack stalls and night markets where you can have local snacks.Well,to me,those specialties are not that attractive,because I can get almost every food in Shenzhen,at a lower price.Fried rise wasn't special,the beef offal was just average and the curry was not better than what my british friend made.What's more,the price there was the same as it in Hongkong,or in other words,quite high.I did live it up in Macau-cost me $30+MOP per meal.FYI,it cost me 6 RMB per meal at school.

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To be continued......