Thursday, March 12, 2009


Lately,rather than loneliness,I feel I am in emptiness.However,I really don't want to be a part of a group activity,whereas,I like every single one in it.Though I'm sure I won't be a wackodoodle instead of a eccentric.^^ I was planning to reduce the time I spent on internet because I needed something solid.That's why,in the past days,I stayed in the library more often than before.

Last year,I watched Pride and Prejudice(1995),one of the BBC mini drama but I really didn't like those endless balls and Lizzy's extremely delicate sister Jane.Finished "North And South"(2004) last Sunday and I love it.I meant to write a review about it but I didn't dare to assert anything unless I go throughit first-hand.So I've been giving myself a headache--it's not a breeze for me to read the original English book.I'm not done with the whole book yet but I feel literarily comfortable reading it hitherto.There's no four-letter words or insulting saying in the book and what I read is all beautiful and elegant English.(I've learned English for a couple of years but been avoiding those so-called stylish but insulting slangs like what most of the American urban young people say.)

When Mr.Thornton and Margaret met at the station,I got so upset because I was afraid that Henry was gonna make trouble to the poor couple;or say something embarrassing to make Margaret indebted and change her mind.But I knew that I was being very Chinese--Margaret wouldn't give up her true love no matter what happened and Henry did let go as a decent gentleman.Margaret felt shy when Mr.Thornton looked at her amorously and pretended to talk about business,without looking in his eyes.I was tearful when Mr. Thornton took Margaret's hand and she timely kissed his hand.It's the very moment that they both eventually opened up to each other.This drama made me want to fall in love.Well,I know I'm so not insightful because love is the just one of the themes in the book.And is the South Britain really so picturesque?I was impressed by the place named Helstone.

2.I've Seen Hell
3.Thornton's Walk
9.She'll Take You From Me
10.Look Back
13.Come Up Smiling
14.Northbound Train


AL said...

Hey,why your english is so great?!
Could you please give me some knacks about eng writing??
BTW,I've been dealing with the cloze problems.Every time I do the cloze,it's 10 out of 20 is right....MY Gosh!!!Help meeeeeeee

SHUO said...

Thank you AL, I'm flattered. But I can do well in exams too. Maybe it's because that I don't He has a good grasp of English grammar. :p