Sunday, March 8, 2009

wonder ect.

I'm not capable to leave everything behind,instead,I just have some sort of skill to disremember and put those issues aside for a while.Yes,just for a while which means I gotta pay them off sooner or later.When the paying off phase comes,I can't fall asleep in bed but think about everytime.Sometimes it feels like a movie showing in my head.I know it's definitely a bad habit.

I think I kinda picked up some sentimentality which explains my blue lately.Well,I'm rest assured that my lost optimism will return soon.I am still looking forward to the future, I'm also looking to the recent past so as to better understand my current feelings.The other day,I noticed something changed in my mind about someone.I feel disturbed but there's no point revealing my feeling.When find out all saved-up wishes start coming out.But I suppose I'd better pretend that nothing's ever changed and sing the "Auld lang syne".