Tuesday, March 17, 2009

coupon crasher

What are you capable to see when you're at canteen?Various dishes,numerous people and now a coupon printer at my university.This machine's made the scene since last week.Actually I saw the same thing at some metro station a few weeks ago but I didn't expect it to show up on my campus.

First,you're supposed to pick whatever kind of couponappearing on the screen of the printer.Then print them out and use them as regular ones.Let me show you how it works(take McDonald's as an example).

Step One:Press the "food label(美食餐饮)" and enter a new page.

Step Two:Click the McDonald's Label and you'll see a couple of sets.

Step Three:Choose one and submit.

Step Four:Input your cellphone number and you'll get a message with a verification code.

Step Five:Input the code and what you choose just now will be printed out in terms of words(which means it won't print out the picture).

Tada,here comes the coupon.

In addition to the off-hand coupon printer,you can also find the digital coupon online.Like McDonald's,the coupon is already put on their official website waiting for you to get them slip out.[click here]You can see how despareately those businessmen are trying to encourage us to consume while there're actually quite a few people blindly doing shopping for those coupon(as if they don't have to pay a penny).However,I suppose this time,the website owner who supports this sort of machine is the real winner.