Wednesday, September 2, 2009

writing up on Shanghai

Beijing is worth visiting and blogging.You could write millions of posts about every detail.In other words,Beijing is somewhat not bloggable because you could never pack it up in one or several posts.So let's move on to next station - Shanghai.

- Beijing -

- Shanghai -

"Nothing is so necessary for travelers as languages."I can't quite remember where I picked up this sentence but it spoke my mind when I arrived in Shanghai.It was the first time I realized how hard it could be for those Northern Chinese who first came to Guangdong and encountered jiggly Cantonese.Yea,I have to admit I couldn't understand a word when talked to local Shanghai citizens.It's a shame that I didn't pick some dialect from them.

Three days are too short for me to go through this big city.But I'd like to be outspoken about what I saw.The first one is,Shanghaiers are not so hospitable as Beijingers.I don't know whether it's because the language(I mean,I asked them in Putonghua and they didn't speak it well,so the conversation was disfunctional),but I could feel it in their eyes that "screw you".

As we know,specialties of Shanghai are not popular,even the local people would agree with it.But I reckon there's a reason for it - Shanghaiers put apparel first.Young people are dressy in Shanghai and Beijing but Beijingers also spend time and money on food.I come up with this expressionto discribe Shanghai girls and guys which is "pockets are cleaner than faces",if you know what I mean.But well, everyone has eccentricities and I did focus on their good qualities and minimize my annoyance at their odd ones.I appreciate Shanghai for its history,elegant old buildings and its local yet influential fashion style.


Johnny said...

I am both proud and regret the fact that I once beat up a Shanghai guy.

SHUO said...

hmm...You beat him up because...?

Johnny said...

Incessant name-calling, then acted cowardly when I confronted him. I called him a SOB. He broke into fury, jumped up and tried to punch me. I dodged and punched back. From then on it was a oneway bloody slaughter.

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