Thursday, August 20, 2009

write up on Beijing (2)

It's not a tourist guidance blog,so I'm not listing out those do's And don'ts on my trip in Beijing.And if you're interested,all the places of interest are googleable.So,I'll just put my pictures here.

Peking University

I wasn't allowed to enter the campus last time I visited it.But this time,it was totally open and I could even rent a bike there.Other than that,different kinds of souvenir were available,say poker of Peking University.^^

National Centre for the Performing Arts

 (Bad weather still.)

the Great Hall of the People

(Advanced security check.)

(Very Communist.hehe)


Johnny said...

Your photographical style is actually very formal, which suits the state level architectural Grandioses very well^^

SHUO said...

I should take that as compliment?