Saturday, September 12, 2009

Still alive.

I had an issue with my mom the other day.I tried to reason with her but she upheld her own theory.It ended up we were cool though,I felt hurt and was a bit irritated.My close friends told me that that don't it too hard,because that's the way parents are.They told me whatever parents said,they meant well.
Well,I think so and I would probably tell them the same thing if they encounter the same problem.But my un-Chinese friends had different attitude,and they told me "go talk with your mom and tell her you love her and care about her".However,it's just too hard for us Chinese children(at least my age) to actually talk to parents,not to mention say "I love you" to them(I got goose bumps just thought of it).

My Filipino friend said he didn't understand why his Chinese friend didn't hug his mom before flew to the States.I kissed and hugged my mom when I was little but not any more now.There's no such a formality or rule in "Chinese family ethics".


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junrxu said...

it's just too hard for us Chinese childrento actually talk to parents,say love,and hug ,