Thursday, September 24, 2009

a happy event

Me and mom were invited to a wedding dinner last Sunday.I was looking forward to it because I hadn't been at a wedding for years.We presented 600 RMB because to Cantonese folks,the number 3,6 and 9 are regarded as lucky ones for happy events.To tell the truth,I didn't know the birde or the groom in person but I knew theirs parents.I was told that the bride was a nurse and the groom,teacher.What a perfect couple!And I stealthly thought the groom was cute,the bride was a beauty though.^^At the end of this year,one of my cousins is going to marry,too.Fortunately,I was asked to be a helper by then.Can't wait!

We were welcomed in by the couple and their relatives.After that,we headed for the reception desk to hand out our present which was the money I mentioned.Mom put the money in a red packet as everyone else did and they had to sign their names on the back of the packet.It was so sabby yet inevitable conventional,and I was a little disturbed by this formality.

(All the single young people were ready to catch the bouquet.But hey,I was single and I was supposed to be there too.Why was I taking this photo instead?)

(Little gift from the bride and the groom - candies,two packs of cigarettes and a red packet with 10 RMB in it.)

(Some typical wedding dinner dishes.)

It's a convention that once the fish dish is being served,it's the time for the couple to toast to the guests,table by table.And the bride has to change her wedding dress to Chinese-style dress - cheong-sam,while the groom doesn't have to.Normally,it's a torturing time for the couple,as they haven't had much food for a whole day but still have to drink much,even though they have some 'best men' to help a bit.

The following photo was captured from the VCR displaying at the dinner.See,they really make a cute couple.And I'm looking forward to the next happy event of them.^^Hope that they will be 永结同心,白头偕老.


Michemily said...

Wow! I'm so glad you commented on my blog, because I'm having fun reading yours. I just started learning Chinese yesterday and I'm really excited about it. Ni hao! (Oder vielleicht, weil du jetzt Deutsch lernst, soll ich auf Deutsch schreiben!)

SHUO said...

All German I'm capable of saying is the stock phrase.^^ Thanks for dropping by.