Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I've been learning German since this new semester.It's never easy to pick up another language.It makes it even more confusing when you have learnt some language that is similar to the one you're learning - German and English.

I don't think German is as difficult as I thought,but its similarity to English is really giving a headache.I don't mean my English is interfering in the German learning process,instead,it's playing as a double-edged sword at this point.On one hand,the German "chicken intestine" and the Indo-European grammar don't stick out like a sore thumb to me.On the other hand,the semblable alphabet compared to the English one,plus those same spelling as English but pronounced different German words are literally beating me up.

I once felt that my mind was hungry for a puzzle to solve,and now I really get a real feast's worth of conundrums!huh.Bring it on German.Allure me,entice me,surprise me,astound me.I've been more on the fence with anything.My ambition has been taking a long nap,but it's about to wake up and get riled up.

The teacher suggests that we should avoid using English or use it as less as possible while we learn.What a joker!It's never gonna happen so long as I still live with the Internet.Besides,I won't commit my English to learning German.

As for my English,I believe it's totally fossilized.It's so not going any better( or worse?).I don't get my hopes up to make it to an more advanced level,unless I could live in some English-speaking country for several years.

I keep having this fancy dream - is there anyone kind and generous enough to support me to go to Germany or some English-speaking country,say the UK?^^


coljac said...

The grammar is pretty difficult, but as for the English getting in the way, it will be more of a help than a problem. Though watch out for "false friends" like "Gift" or "Mist"!

I once lived in Aachen (where I learned German) so I hope you can realize your dream too.

SHUO said...

Thank you. I'll be doign my best. Aachen is great as I heard. I think it's more attractive to me than Berlin or Munich. I'm envious of you.^^